Federally Qualified Health Centers- We want to help you!

We have in depth knowledge working with federally qualified health centers.

Federally Qualified Health Center Services (FQHC)

Costly denials can plague community health centers as a result of provider insurance credentialing. FQHC can often be pushed aside, and there are often no credentialing experts on staff. If insurance credentialing is not kept up to date providers may become deactivated or considered out of network. This can cause a large loss in revenue for your community health centers. 

Provider Insurance Credentialing Challenges

We at Provider Enrollment Specialists,LLC. realize the challenges that insurance credentialing creates for FQHCs. We have aided FQHCs with provider enrollments for managed care organazations, as well as ensuring that their providers have been credentialed and are receiving revenue that they have earned. Our dedicated team of experts are here to help you with all of your FQHC questions and concerns.

Managed Care, and Medicare/Medicaid Credentialing services:

  • Obtain or create the CAQH usernames and passwords for each provider within the clinic, as well as maintaining the Proview Updates
  • Generate and create a roster from each insurance company of all physicians who are active within your group
  • Status updates for each provider within the insurance
  • Complete and review any applications needed for processing
  • Weekly follow-up to confirm the credentialing status of each provider
  • Complete revalidations and/or re-credentialing of health care providers
  • We provide copies of approval notices and effective dates for all providers

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