Physician Enrollment Company


  • Medicare or Medicaid Enrollment
  • Physician Enrollment
  • CAQH Enrollment
  • PECOS Enrollment
  • Government health plan enrollment
  • Obtain NPI and maintenance


  • Behavioral Health, Dental, Medical and Pharmacy Insurance Credentialing
  • Nurse Practitioner Credentialing
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Facility Credentialing


Do you really want to keep your credentialing in house but aren’t sure how to handle it internally? Let us show you.  Our dedicated professionals can train in house for 1 week on all insurance credentialing processes and then we are available 90 days remotely for any and all questions along the way.  We have traveled all over the US, helping companies just like yours keep their information in house.  Consult with us to show you the process to getting on insurance panels.  Consulting packages range from $5,000-$10,000 and is only a one time fee!  See what our happy clients are saying about this amazing alternative to outsourcing.


Credentialing packages start at $75. We try to build a contract around your specific needs and budget.

We believe your focus should be your patients, not on credentialing paperwork. Our contracting and credentialing services are affordable, reliable and save both time and money. Why take a chance on such an important part of your practice, our experts are ready to assist you today! Click here to view what it will cost you for peace of mind.