Your Investment

Provider Enrollment Specialists, LLC
Premium Package
*Up to 20 insurances/payors
$2000.00     1 provider
$1,500.00 2-4 providers (per provider)
$1,100.00 5-9 providers (per provider)
$750.00 10+ (per provider)
*Includes Provider Enrollment/Credentialing
with up to 20 insurances/payors in defined market.
Additional insurances/contracts are $200.00 each.
Client has 9 months from start of project to add
additional insurances.
Starter Package
*Includes up to 5 insurances/payors
$1,000.00 per provider
*Additional plans may be added at a cost of $325.00
each.  Starter Package can include any combination of
government and commercial payors (including Medicare and
Medicaid).  Client has 9 months from start of project to add additional
Government Only Package
Government packages are for State Medicaid and Federal Medicare only.
This does not include CMOs/MCOs/HMOs/Advantage Plans.
$750.00         1 application
$500.00        2 or more applications (each)
Monthly Maintenance Package
Level Providers Base Cost w/ Hospital Credentialing
1 1-4 $125.00 $175.00
2 5-9 $100.00 $150.00
3 10+ $75.00 $100.00
Address changes, malpractice reminders, CAQH re-attestation and maintenance,
general liability expiration reminders, NPI Maintenance, medicare revalidation,
health plan credentialing/re-credentialing, hospital privileging/reappointments
DEA/DPS/CDS new/expiration reminders, health plan terminations

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