Payer Enrollment: It Pays To Outsource

Payer Enrollment: It Pays To Outsource

Are payer enrollment requirements taking up more and more of your staff’s time? Are you burdened with payer enrollment tasks and follow-ups? Are you frustrated by the amount of time it takes to train your staff on provider enrollment and medical credentialing work and to keep up with the latest trends and requirements?

Outsourcing payer enrollment can make a big difference in the efficiency of your staff and the accuracy and timeliness of all provider enrollments and re-attestations.

Outsourcing provider enrollment responsibilities will benefit your practice by:

  • Freeing up your staff for more practice and patient-focused duties
  • Receiving quicker payment by insurance companies
  • Relieving you from staying on top of new and changed requirements from CMS and CAQH
  • Eliminating repeated follow-ups, phone calls, emails and faxes for submissions and re-submissions

With outsourced provider enrollment, you will receive expert support with no training required. A provider enrollment firm will complete all necessary credentialing requirements for each payer and follow through to completion.

Provider Enrollment – The Provider Enrollment Specialist’s difference.

At PES, our unique,state of the art software system and extensive experienced professionals makes our provider enrollment and medical credentialing processes extremely efficient.


Once your documents are loaded onto our database, our skilled specialists track applications, expiration dates and recredentialing needs for all insurance carriers as well as Medicare and Medicaid. We handle all applications and revalidations for you. Our integrated tools ensure that we do not drop the ball on any requirement or follow-up!

Our experienced team can handle any volume that you have.

Best of all, our services are extremely cost-effective. Using our provider enrollment and medical credentialing services will actually cost less than paying your full-time employees – plus benefits – to keep these requirements in top shape.

Remember – credentialing is our only business! We are the payor enrollment experts – let us go to work for you!

Let Us Manage All Your Payor Enrollment Services

If you require medical credentialing and payer enrollment needs for your practice or medical facility, please contact PES. Our experienced and dedicated specialists will provide all credentialing and enrollment services quickly and will monitor your account for ongoing updates and re-attestations

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