Credentialing Mental Health Providers

For many mental health counselors, therapists and psychologists, one of the most complex aspects of owning a practice may be dealing with insurance companies, and specifically joining insurance panels or networks. Our staff often speaks with therapists who do not start a private practice because credentialing and contracting is so complex. With PES at your side, you can make your private practice dream a reality and will allow you to stop worrying about therapy credentialing and contracting.

We’re Here To Help

Provider Enrollment Specialists full-service therapy credentialing and contracting services can be used as a stand-alone feature or in conjunction with our other services. As such, you can sign on for therapy contracting without committing to any other services we offer. We have extensive experience setting up contracts for individual mental health professionals or those in group practices.

Our team works in a timely and professional manner on your behalf to ensure your contracts are executed in an efficient time frame. For more details on our contracting services for mental health professionals, please contact us.

One thought on “Credentialing Mental Health Providers

  1. Venturing out on my own was scary not to mention the worry that I couldn’t afford to pay someone to help me get on insurance panels. PES worked with my budget and helped me by breaking my initial payments to them into 3 invoices. I am grateful that I was able to start up my practice and still be able to afford to get on insurance panels. These two gals are the real deal. Very patient and informative. I’ll be on their maintenence plan for quite some time I believe.
    Brandon T. LMSW, Michigan

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